Monday, January 26, 2009


The weather was horrible today. It was a nice 65 degrees, but a ghastly wind has been blowing since the sun rose this morning. So that means indoor activities for Hartland today(and chipping away at Mommy's sanity). I was putting away laundry in the girls' bedroom this afternoon and caught them both in a rare down-time moment. Oh how they wanted to play outside! I think they were watching the garbage truck come through the neighborhood.
On a separate note, today was our first meeting of Ms. Mari and Ms. Maureen, Zoey's preschool teachers. They are so wonderful! The girls and I visited at the end of the preschool day. We met the six other students enrolled and had snacks with them. Zoey jumped right in, it was great to see! Now we'll just have to wait and see how Daddy and Mommy do once she's there!

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justabunchaHarts said...

I think it's harder for mommy and daddy to leave them then it is for the child. Well at least it was on our end. Nicholas went to class and I went to cry in the car! :)