Friday, January 23, 2009

Tea Time

Tea time everyone! Never mind that we employed the use of straw cups and a bucket of goldfish instead of fine china! As you can see, all of our friends came to join in the festivities (even a poor, naked barbie doll...) And a grand time was had by all!
Zoey's new favorite past time is to host tea parties or play restaurant. And that in turn, means that our living room is crowded with every little chair and stool she can find :)
Camryn happened to miss out on this particular party because of nap time. Thank heavens I can still get her to lay down for one--but it's starting to be a struggle. If she wasn't still in her crib (read: cage!) I don't think that she stay still long enough to fall asleep. Much to our horror in Hartland, Zoey went cold turkey on naps just before her 2nd birthday. Cams has lasted a few months longer, but sooner or later we're going to have to retire the crib!

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justabunchaHarts said...

Please tell Ms. Zoey that we would love to have tea with her anytime. If she would have us :) Looks like fun~we miss ya!