Saturday, January 17, 2009


And so the season starts... Since the last week of December these garden supply and seed companies have been teasing me with beautiful pictures of luscious, bright red tomatoes, mouth watering peaches and spicy peppers. Oh the agony I feel as I turn each page! Spring fever has hit!
In the next few months you will realize that I am a small scale gardener with very large scale dreams! Over the past few winter months I have been diligently composting my raised garden bed and have been slowly buying supplies to construct another raised bed in the next few weeks (What did I tell you? Large scale dreams!) I saved several seed from plants during last year's growing season, including: Sweet 100 cherry tomato, zinnias, yellow banana pepper, and my jalapenos. They were all great producers. Also to return from last season (I had seed left over): Detroit beets, German radishes, okra, zucchini, butternut squash and many, many different flower varieties!
My goal this season is to have a large array of tomatoes for sauce and salsa to freeze/can. I have bought several seeds in the last few months and so far am planning on starting: Roma tomato, San Marzano tomato, Purple Calabash tomato, Costoluto Genovese tomato, Brandywine tomato, Rinaldo Red Bomb tomato. Last year I had 28 tomato plants, and this year I'd like to at least double that (Don't tell Tom! LOL) Just a few more weeks and I can get things started indoors! More to come as I finalize the list. Thank you Grandpa Robert for my love of playing in the dirt!


justabunchaHarts said...

Well now we know who to go to for a few pointers. Ben has mentioned that he wanted to have a garden this year...well let's just see how that goes. Good Luck to you and pray for us :)

The Tyson Family said...

When we get out there (hopefully) you will have to help me! I love to garden. Any luck with strawberries? We can't seem to get them to grow here in the DFW area. I think it is the soil!