Friday, January 9, 2009

PT Time Again

Well here in Hartland we've slacked the last couple of months, but beginning this week we are hard core potty training. I kept telling myself that I just needed to get through our little vacation stint before potty madness started...And here we are.
Not that I've had mountains of experience in the potty training field, but for us it's panties or bust! And of course, setting the timer numerous times throughout the day. Day 1 was a headache, but thanks to a little bowl full of pink M&M's (yes, as a matter of fact I DO bribe my children!) Camryn didn't mind too much that she spent more time in the bathroom than ever before! Day 2 was pretty much the same, but we were able to stretch the time out to 45-60 minutes between bathroom excursions. On Day 3 I decided it was time to venture out of the house. The girls and I walked to our neighborhood park and played for a little over half an hour before walking home. Accident free, you go Cams! We spent most of the afternoon in the back yard playing and seemed to stretch potty breaks out further. That evening as I was cleaning up the kitchen, I realized that I had forgotten to set the potty timer and also that I hadn't seen or heard from my busy little toddler for awhile. Dreading what I was going to find (e.g. I once found Zozo in her closet painting her walls with a lovely, but stinky shade of brown...No further info needed!) I tip toed down the hallway and found a little pair of pants thrown to the side. At the bathroom door was a carelessly tossed tiny pair of purple Dora the Explorer panties. And much to my surprise was Camryn, sitting atop the potty! Yay ladybug! Who cares that she unrolled half the roll of toilet paper trying to get a handful?! Today is Day 4, and much to amazement and delight, we've had much of the same. Please, oh please let this not jinx us!


justabunchaHarts said...

Congratulations Camryn!!! We are rooting for you. It feels so good when mommy and daddy don't have to change anymore diapers :)
Doesn't it feel good?! We might have to get together and have a potty party! Keep up the good work Cams!~Love ya

sseilopez said...

Great job guys! We just got Emma potty trained back in September, and we used the same method! Wearing big girl chonies made a big difference, and the little chocolates didn't hurt either(see I told you we used the same method)! It's awesome to be done with diapers! Here's wishing you continued success!

Dayna said...

When I was potty training our 3 yr old last year, I tried to bribe her w/ those mini oreos...until she found my stash and ate the whole bag!!! You are not alone in the bribery department. Nonetheless, she was potty trained in a week. Good luck to you!!