Friday, January 23, 2009


The past few days have been 70+ degrees here in Hartland, and the warmth has given me even more spring fever than in previous days. My old pruners disappeared over the winter (either eaten by a dog or forever hidden by little hands) so today I purchased a trusty new pair and got to work. Our little quad trailer was filled with clippings of shrubs from the front upper yard. I also attempted to hack out a menacing weed-bush that I haven't been successful in killing in the 3 1/2 years we've been at the homestead. I will prevail! This year we're just going to have to dig it out because trimming it WAAAYYYYY back only seems to make it grow bigger and faster!
The garden prep continues with adding more fill soil and compost to the raised bed. Just a couple of more weeks and we can get seeds planted indoors! Then starts the cycle of bringing all the plantings outside in the morning for sunshine, and back indoors once the sun goes down. *Thank you my love for putting up with your maniac wife!* I've noticed that the garlic and Egyptian walking onions I planted over the winter are starting to peek little green shoots out of the ground.
In other news, this next week is going to be a busy one for miss Zoey. On Monday morning she and I get to go visit her preschool classroom and meet her teacher Ms. Huband and the speech pathologist! She's also going to get to have snacks with the 6 of her new classmates. Exciting stuff! We've been a little concerned about her speech (she has a huge vocabulary, but has trouble with several different consonants) and after being evaluated she qualified for a preschool program through the public schools here in Hartland. Even better, her preschool will be the same school she'll transition into for kindergarten. On Tuesday Tom and I will meet with all of Zoey's new teachers to set up an IEP, then that afternoon starts Zo's soccer practice! Yes, Badger hoopla has begun once again! Wednesday is Zoey's first day of school and Camryn has her 2 year checkup at the pediatricians. If I continue to blog, you'll know that we survived our week :)

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