Thursday, November 13, 2008


So little miss Cams has developed a new obsession over the past few days...Apparently the dining room chairs are at her disposal and she can take them anywhere she wants. More often than not, it's to pull one over to the kitchen sink. 'Mamma I wash my hands', 'Mamma I wash dishhhhes', 'Mamma I cooking'. Sigh, if only it would last into her teenage years, right? And of course, it was all fun and games until she figured out that our faucet can be switched from regular to turbo blast jets! My floors have never been so clean, they've been moped so many times today... She is too funny--I can't believe my baby will be turning two years old VERY SOON!

Also on the homefront the pecan harvest has started in Hartland. My kitchen counters are littered with grocery bags filled with dusty goodness. We haven't even officially shaken the trees yet, but we've been picking up pecans from the ground that have already fallen. Trying to stay a little ahead of the game--that, and picking up as many as we can before our skunky blu blu dog crunches them all. Mmmm, fiber!

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