Sunday, November 30, 2008

Missing Molly

Very sadly, we've lost our brown Molly dog. We last saw her the morning of Camryn's birthday party and there's been no sign of her since. She was a really sweet dog, so we're hoping for the best and maybe someone picked her up. Both of our dogs had recently been on a spree of jumping out of the yard...So now Blue Blue is flying solo in Hartland and she's very much taken to being a house dog :) Verrrrrry much. In fact today we girls went on a shopping trip and bought her a big fluffy pillow to lounge on. The only thing she has to get used to is the girls lovingly laying all over her!

Tom is kind of set on finding miss Blue a companion, but I'm still teetering on the fence about it. We've visited our local animal shelter several times in the last few days looking for missing Molly and there are several cuties there...I'd probably come home with 10 of them though. Our 2 cats would be thrilled!

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