Sunday, November 16, 2008

Badger Mania

Saturday was the Badger's last soccer game of the 2008 season. It was a frigid one, but we had fun! The first pic is of Zoey with her team and coach. The second (bear with me, I couldn't figure out a way to rotate...) is of a very proud little Badger holding her soccer trophy! After the game our team, along with their entourage of parents/family/friends went to a nearby park to picnic, have a purple Badger cake and play.

Our new season starts in early February and guess who was conned into being a second coach for the team? Yup, Tom and I get to split because of our opposite schedules. I guess I'm going to have to google a lot of coaching ideas for soccer practice--not sure what we're getting ourselves into! Also we're going to try and down grade the team to a 4-5 year old team. Hopefully we'll be a little more evenly matched next year! We're also looking for three more players...Anyone, anyone?

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