Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Go Badgers

Zoey turned 4 years old during the summer and we were able to sign her up for peewee soccer here in LC. Since Tom and I have split our schedules, the girls are pretty much home with us and getting her more involved with other kids can only be a good thing! Anyhow, we never realized the cult following of peewee soccer that existed out there. Saturdays from sun up to sun down there are anywhere from 10 to 25 games of soccer going on at one time. Unbelievable.... And a lot of fun!

Zoey is part of the Deep Purple Soccer League and her team is called the Badgers. Go Badgers! There were originally 8 kids on her team, which is a 4-6 year old team. Go Badgers! They've slowly dwindled in numbers to 4, sometimes 5 kids--All of which are 4 years old! Go Badgers! It's fun to watch them, but in our next season that begins in February we're going to try to switch to a 4-5 year old team. Yes, we've pretty much been smeared across the field in each of our games against obviously older, more coordinated players! Here in Hartland we're trying to work on Zoey's competitiveness for next season. She's such a mother hen that she runs over to every kid that falls down and dusts them off. She's also very polite and will gladly get out of the way when the ball rolls through :) Well, at least she's not standing off in a corner of the field picking her nose, right? Go Badgers! One more game on Saturday and then we wait out some cold days until February.

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