Sunday, November 16, 2008

Hot, hot HOT!

And when I say hot I am referring to both the fire and one particular NASA/South Valley firefighter!!! This week a big plant/nursery facility (that is actually pretty near Hartland in the south valley) went up in smoke. Apparently it was a welding job gone very, very wrong. Anyhow Tom spent most of his day here with many other city and volunteer firefighters doing a dirty, tiring job. This pic is of the ladder truck from NASA where Tom works.

For the first few hours Tom was the water control officer, meaning he coordinated every truck that showed up at the scene. Then when NASA showed up he jumped on the ladder truck and snuck inside the building to fight the flames and ventilate. It's a good thing he told me about that before I saw the pictures...This was an ugly fire! Thanks to all of you firefighters out there that serve the public in a very important way, we appreciate all you do!

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