Sunday, November 30, 2008

Fa La La

Merry early Christmas from Hartland! The holiday bug has bitten me hard and for the last couple of days we've been jammin to SUNNY 99--All Christmas, all the time. The house is slowly turning into a winter wonderland and there are packages to be wrapped. Thank goodness were done with shopping already!

We'll set up the ole' trusty artificial tree again this year. One because I feel guilty about killing a real tree *note that it may be argued, but I am not a tree huggin' hippie!* Next the live potted tree we bought when Zoey was one didn't survive once planted. Lastly I have this sneaking suspicion that Camryn might be trying to climb the tree this year, and a real tree would smash her. We're also going to ditch the ornaments this year (Again, for mom's sanity and Camryn's safety...) for construction paper chains, red and white jingle bells, and lights.

Also Meme and Apple just gave the girls a very cute Fisher Price Little People Nativity set. The girls LOVE it! It's fun to play with them and talk and about the REAL Christmas story. Feliz Navidad from Hartland everyone!

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