Sunday, May 24, 2009


More picture updates of the garden in this last week of May! The past three days we've blessed with a good amount of rain in Hartland and the plants are soaking it up! Ahhhh, nothing beats the smell of rain in the desert... I swear that everything has doubled in size because of it!
One of the first of the zucchini with a million more to follow it! Zoey helped me plant seeds this year and I think she got ahold of the zucchini packet...I couldn't stand to pull out too many of the zucchini seedlings that came up, so we're going to have zukes morning, noon and night in a week or two!

Most of the tomatoes we started this year were paste varieties, but I couldn't help but a few of our cherry tomatoes! I also had a couple of volunteer cherry tomato plants come up from last year. Hopefully there will be a bumper crop this year so I can make a lot of salsa and spaghetti sauce!

I think that in a previous post I hadn't planted any cucumbers yet, but I gave in and as you can see they are climbing away! We also put together another small raised bed to add to our collection and I planted more cucumbers and tromboncino squash. The bed is just a make-shift one made from concrete block and it's next to our dog run. Hopefully the squash and cukes will climb the fence with a little training.

Here we have a little mingling of beets, okra and carrots. Hopefully some yummy veggies soon!

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