Tuesday, May 12, 2009


The garden is growing, growing, growing! And we're loving every minute of it! I'm of the mind frame of intensive gardening. In other words, cram as much stuff as you can into as little space as possible. This helps to conserve water in our hot desert summer days, and also helps me to have more of a harvest when I have only raised bed gardens. Even now in May I'm still trying to sneak in different seeds!
Look at my artichokes! This is the second year that they've been in the ground and Zoey and I are hoping for tons and tons of them! These are definitely in honor of my Grandpa Robert--can't wait to share these with him.


justabunchaHarts said...

My garden is by no means that beautiful! I was stoked about my little tomato plants and chilli plants that I have growing. Well I have other stuff but it's still so little. Hopefully I will still get something :)

Faith said...

Terrific garden! We got such a late start with the weather and waiting on the neighbor to till up some pasture for the garden that we are only just sprouting and planting seedlings.

I love intensive gardening and will be better able to plan it next year. I hope to put in raised beds and do French Intensive again. Good stuff!

Faith said...

Oh, and I LOVE artichokes. LOL Yours look great!

I had an incubator flop this year as well. Lesson learned - build an insulated enclosure around it. Either that or quit opening up the house when the weather warms up. ;)