Saturday, May 23, 2009


Camryn is my little early bird in Hartland, so most mornings when I'm at home she and I have a bit of time by ourselves before Zoey wakes up (Daddy has either already gone to work, or hasn't made it home from work yet...) Sometimes she'll help me with breakfast, but mostly I like to set her up with a project to keep her little hands busy! We don't buy Play-Doh because firstly it has plenty of dye in it and my girls are allergic to red dye. Plus have you read the ingredients? Just can't help not wanting that junk around my ladybugs. So in turn I make home-made playdoh--simple flour, salt, and cream of tarter. Easy as that and if they happen to put it in their mouths (which happens A LOT!) it's perfectly fine, albeit a bit salty! If you're wondering about where the purple color came from? Blueberry juice! Hello all natural :)
And as an added thought: Yes, Camryn absolutely got her morning hair from me!

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