Friday, May 1, 2009


Here are a couple of pics of my proud little Badger holding her Spring 2009 soccer trophy--it was a bobble head trophy and quite possibly the most stinking cute thing I've seen because it LOOKS LIKE ZOEY! We had such a fantastic season, Z has so much fun with her little soccer buddies. And I have to say that for all of them still being only 4 years old at this point, they were doing a great job out on the field!
In other news we found out last week that the school Zoey has been attending for preschool (which is a fantastic school!) isn't the one we're zoned for, for Kindergarten. The mamma bear in me had a handful of emotions run through me when we heard the news. Tom and I immediately filled out an 'out of zone' transfer form for her to stay where she is. Yesterday was her official Kindergarten registration and we also had an IEP meeting scheduled at the new school to set up her education plan for the fall. I was so skeptical walking in to the place, but God being the amazing Creator that He is took off our blinders and showed us our daughter's future! This new school is much, much smaller and we have been told time and time again that it is very family oriented. During our registration we were able to meet the 2 Kindergarten teachers at the school. Tom and I are taking the weekend to think things over and do a lot of praying, but there's a good chance we might be taking back our transfer form. Keep our family in your prayers!

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Melissa said...

That trophy makes me want to go immediately sign my girls up for team sports! SO CUTE!!! Go Zoey! :)

I can't believe she's already starting kindergarten. It seems like you JUST had her!!! I can see why you'd want to keep her at the same school she's already been attending. But, my grandpa always says, "See how the Lord provides?" Perhaps this new school is exactly where she's meant to be!