Monday, June 1, 2009


Success! After a short search for some local fertile eggs here in Hartland, we decided to give incubating eggs another try. I posted an add on craigslist that I was looking for some eggs and a great lady responded who lived just a couple of miles south from us! We hatched 4 of the 7 eggs that she gave to us (better than 50%, I'm ecstatic about that!) and they are just the cutest little balls of fluff ever! Our egg donor told me she had a pretty wide variety of chickens, so I'm not quite sure what we'll end up with. 2 of them are bright yellow and the other 2 are a cinnamon sort of color. It was quite a bit of work consistently monitoring the incubator temperature, turning the eggs and making sure there was enough humidity, but I'm happy with our results.
We have a 'nursery' brooder now set up for our chickies in the kitchen. It's made from a dog kennel with lots of shredded paper bedding and a sheet to keep the heat in from our heat lamp. The girls are having so much fun with our new babies!
The video below is of our first hatch! Tom called me as I was on my way home from work on Thursday and told me that one of my eggs was chirping! Those sneaky little chicks weren't supposed to start hatching until the next day--it was a fun surprise! Oh and in case you're wondering, the names of the chicks are Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, Cookie and Cupcake.

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