Wednesday, February 25, 2009


Not any news to post, just wanted to show off my completely wonderful NASA firefighter! The test facility had a 50th anniversary day a few weeks ago and the 'boys' got to play around with new equipment. How many people do you know that get to tinker with million dollar space suits? I was jealous! And speaking of people with connections, we're going to have a private little tour of the non-public areas of White Sands Missile Range. Dustin and Tom both have access and we're going to go play around in the "Transformers" movie set. Hopefully I'll get some pics to share--I'm a little nervous having the ole' camera around all that sand!


justabunchaHarts said...

I LOVE YOUR HAIR STRAIGHT!!! Was it alot of work with all you curls? miss you guys :)

randombitsofnonsense said...

I don't think I've straightened it since before Cams was born...Now I remember why, it took forever! We miss you all too! When are you moving our way? :)