Wednesday, February 25, 2009


This late February weather has been absolutely wonderful, and boy are we living it up! Lots of play, play, play for the kiddos and for Daddy and Mommy in Hartland. Tom had been a little under the weather from a freak back injury, but is 98% better now. Thank goodness, it's never easy to have someone in your household down and out (literally!) He's been doing a little tinkering in the garage and playing with a new toy. More to come on that.
I found a couple of nice fruit trees on sale this week and came home with a Bartlett and Moonglow pear. My Dad also donated to my mini orchard with a Gala apple tree. Thanks Pops, love you! I've also got a couple of peach trees that are just about to blossom! As you can see, the tomato seedlings are springing up and looking fantastic. The girls love to peek at them every day to check progress and count numbers with me! None of my peppers have emerged yet. I'm giving them another week and then trying different seeds, perhaps the ones from last season just aren't gonna cut it.

My little garden helpers have been busy turning soil for me in the big raised bed. Too bad the weather isn't just a tad warmer and I could hose them off outside!
We're living up this gardening weather before our Hartland ghastly March winds make their appearance. Ugh, not looking forward to that!

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justabunchaHarts said...

Why and how do you wrap the seedlings? How often do you water? and how? Can you guess that I don't have much of a green thumb :)? I would like to know...