Tuesday, February 10, 2009


So I came across this article by way of a website that I frequent quite often and wanted to share. 'American children’s overly sterile surroundings and overprotective parents may pose dangers to their health'. Thank you pathtofreedom.com for the link to this article! Here's the link: http://newsletter.vitalchoice.com/e_article001334309.cfm?x=b8drcdL,b5PRNLJ0,w
Give a look, it's worth reading. And it's not just the researcher coming out in me either! And of course, after reading it you'll know why I have the healthiest kiddos in Hartland! Here is Camryn last summer helping Mommy in the garden. We're getting ready to get seeds started in the next couple of weeks and both girls are excited to help. And of course I'm loving that they're getting their hands dirty right along side of me.

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Anonymous said...

HAhaha. Great pic and I agree wholeheartedly! :)