Saturday, February 7, 2009


Just in case you were wondering, yes, we are all girl in this household. Poor Tom doesn't stand a chance against all the dress up, tea parties and artistic dance! For quite a while we thought that Cams would be our little rough houser of the bunch, but she too is blossoming into a little princess. Zoey is ecstatic. If we ever decide to add another little addition to Hartland, I don't want to say it's just to try for a boy. But could this house handle any more estrogen? According to Zoey: YES and her name will be Ariel :)

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justabunchaHarts said...

I love it! My girls play with tonka trucks AND matchbox cars...maybe we can switch sometime and give our hubbies a change of hormone levels. LOL! BTW the girls are growing fast and like always BEAUTIFUL!!!