Saturday, April 11, 2009


Holy cow, I can't believe that I let almost a month go by without blogging. What a slacker I have been! I thought about it frequently, but just never took the time to sit down and do it! It's been a busy past few weeks--let me catch up and probably make 10 different posts tonight...

It has been work, work, and more work for Tom and I lately, but at least it pays the bills, huh? This while month is a busy one for with with my ACLS class, Neonatal Resuscitation recert class, and fetal monitoring recert class. You think I'd be smarter and split them up a little. Oh well, maybe next time. Tom is getting ready to take his state test for his EMT intermediate license and he has a PALS class (Pediatric Advanced Life Support) coming up as well. Our phenomenal girlies are wonderful! Zoey is still loving school and riding the school bus. She came home with a flier earlier this week about Kindergarten registration at the end of the month. I can't believe it's really time! Zoey's last soccer game of the spring season is next Saturday--a light bulb must have clicked on in the last couple of weeks because she went from our princess soccer player who was more likely to be doing pirouettes on the field to a pretty aggressive little player! It's so fun to see her get in there go after the ball! Camryn is growing by leaps and bounds--we sure don't have a little baby anymore. She is doing great with potty training and has become Mommy's little helper.

The past week has been pretty ugly, weather wise. Gusty, dusty winds that nearly knock you over when you're out in them. Today was cooler with a few sprinkles of rain to go along with the wind, only to make a nice layer of mud on everything! Ah, Hartland in the Spring! I've gotten a decent amount of my tomatoes out in the garden and planted a few other things, but until the weather gets a little more inviting I won't be able to finish the second raised bed I've got started. Many, many other things going on!


justabunchaHarts said...

WHAT THE HECK? You do remember that I have CPS on speed dial. Why are my neices in the cage? It can't be that bad. Between you and me sometimes I feel like putting myself in the cage just to get away...JK We miss you and hope you have an awesome easter!

Melissa said...

Hey, I didn't know you had a blog! Wow, I can't believe you had all your recertifications all in one month!!! But at least they'll all be over with. :)

I cannot believe how big your girls have gotten! They are SO beautiful!!! It's been fun to see pictures of them both here and on FB. Maybe we could try to get together sometime--I bet our girls would have a blast!