Sunday, April 26, 2009


Well our 'big computer' is misbehaving and we think caught a virus--hopefully not the swine flu, but this being the border one never knows! We do have our fantastic laptop but I don't have our camera dock hooked up here (and honestly I'm not sure where the cd is with the programming, that was quite awhile ago...) Hopefully Kodak has something on their website that is down loadable. So for this post at least, no picture updates...Boo! I have SO MANY new great ones to share!

It has been such a busy, but fulfilling week! I had three classes: Neonatal Resuscitation recert, AWHOON Fetal monitoring recert and an ACLS class (acute cardiac life support: compressions, meds, shock shock shock!) I finished day 2 of ACLS today and am so very glad to have that over and done with! For 2 more years, at least. Tom took his Intermediate EMT state test, and even though we don't have the official 'pass' yet, he's very confident that he did great. Go Babe! And in between all that it's been work, work, work!

The girls have been busy bees as well! Zoey has school for a few more weeks, her last day is May 13th and then summer vacation for her! Kindergarten registration is this week for her--can't believe how our big girl has grown! She also finished spring soccer up until the fall season rolls around again. Maybe we'll try out gymnastics or ballet for the summer to switch things up a bit! Camryn is loving our warm weather and gets head-to-toe dirty every day playing outside. Sometimes I feel like I should hose her off before letting her come inside, but she is so happy. Our big thing right now is drawing all over the sidewalk in our front yard with the big bucket of chalk. Trust me, it's a loooooong sidewalk...At the end of the day I hose it down and we have a fresh canvas for the next day!

Alright everyone--fingers crossed that I'm able to either find my photo program cd or am able to download it somehow. Hope that you're all completely wonderful! P.S. A praise to God: our friends Mike and Debra we able to bring their baby home from the hospital a couple of days ago! Samantha was born at 29 weeks on February 24th. Go Samantha go!

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justabunchaHarts said...

BTW how are the eggs? The ones in the incubator? Ummm...the ones that are trying to hatch baby chicks? Oh you know what I'm talking about! The ones you bought off ebay! :) Just thought I would make you smile. But now that you have your mind there...(hehehe!!!) no baby chicks in the human incubator?! We sure miss you guys and love to catch up with you on your blog. Hope to see you really soon! Our prayers continue to be with Mike and Debra.