Saturday, April 11, 2009


Okay, okay enough with the egg titles I know! A friend of mine here started incubating some chicken eggs and got me in the mood to experiment with incubating as well. So a week or so ago we purchased a tiny little dome incubator (nothing fancy in the least, it looks like a little flying saucer). I purchased some Cochin Bantam eggs off of ebay--which off track, isn't it amazing all the random things you can find there? The eggs arrived in the mail today, all extremely well packed and in great condition and we could fit four of the eight eggs into our little incubator. The other four set on our counter for the afternoon until I could stand it no longer and gathered supplies to make my own incubator. Here are some pics of our fun! I cut a little window in our home made incubator so that we could all peek in and check out anything going on. The girls think these are the greatest things since finger paints! Zoey cracked me up all afternoon, walking by every 5 minutes and asking 'Are the chicks ready to come out yet?' It's going to be a LONG 21 days for her, my poor girl. Both girls will probably lose interest in the whole thing by the time the eggs hatch (fingers crossed that at least some will hatch!!!) So, anyone want any chickens in about a month? Our neighborhood doesn't allow non-domesticated animals, but maybe I can smuggle them into our backyard. I just have to convince Tom first!

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