Saturday, December 27, 2008


We had a fast paced Christmas holiday here in Hartland, but it was wonderful! Our family traveled up to my parents on the 23rd, to drop the girls off--Tom and I both had to work on Christmas Eve. We brought up a new pellet stove for the apartment my parent's rent out and Tom and my Dad had a doozy of a time getting that thing up and running. The girls and I played with Meme at her house for a little while and then headed down to the store to add some helping (distracting?) hands! Having the girls run around the store reminded me a lot my growing up experiences there. I think that I was about 4 or 5 when my Dad, Mom and Grandpa Robert first opened up Valley Market. We helped set out rolls to rise and cookies to bake, and boxed up all kinds of goodies to sell. Good times!

Christmas Eve was horrible at work. You'd think that people would want to stay home for the holiday, but we had women coming in to Labor & Delivery for the dumbest things. Honestly people, call your clinic's after hours hot line! Tom had a nice, relaxing shift--those spoiled guys! Each of the firefighters brought a few things to add to the breakfast buffet they had that morning.

On Christmas day we headed up to Gila again once Tom got home--Dustin hitched a ride with us as well. Once we were at Apple and Meme's we quickly exchanged gifts and then off we went to the family dinner. Thank you Julie for hosting, your new place is really nice! And you're right, very rocky :) It was a great time, I only wish we could have stayed longer in Gila. But soon enough we were back on the road with our beautiful girls, made a pit stop to visit Grandpa Robert and Shelby and deliver gifts, then off to Hartland again. Whew!

On a side note, Christmas day is my little brother's birthday. When we were younger I think I was a little resentful that he always had these beautiful decorations all over and a tree. Man, what's with all the pomp and circumstance? But now Dust, thanks for being a good sport about it! I hope that you had a fantastic day (and that you weren't as stuffed as I was, ugh!) Hope that you all had a very Merry Christmas!

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