Tuesday, December 9, 2008

One To Share

Okay, I had to share this last one for the day! Our poor little Snoop Dog isn't made to handle these cold December days ( thank goodness we don't live in Wisconsin or somewhere like that!) So I did what I always thought was the most ridiculous thing... The girls and I bought him a little army sweater. He seems pretty content with it. Not spoiled in the least, is he?


justabunchaHarts said...

He is so cute! Ben says that now you have a mexican of your own :)

The Tyson Family said...

Wow you are on here too! YEAHHHH Maybe I won't loose you this time. Things have been happening here. We just put the house up for sale... We will see! Hope to get caught up soon! Can you send me your address? I have a christmas card for you!

Nicole Tyson