Sunday, December 21, 2008

O Happy Day

It's official! Ben & Cynthia we are so full of a million wonderful emotions (as I know that you both are!) that can't quite describe how happy we are that you have two beautiful girls and two beautiful boys that are officially your daughters and sons! All of the many months of paperwork, meetings, fire escape plans (yes, we're still laughing about that!) are done.
Tom, Zoey & Camryn made a mad dash to Texas on Friday to attend the adoption hearing of our new nieces--9 year old Alexis and 15 month old Alissa. Sadly, I had to stay behind and work. Darn the pregnant women that inconvenienced me that day :) Here's a picture of Camryn and her GG (great grandma Mona) waiting at the court house for the adoption hearing to start. Tom was wonderful and took lots of pictures for me! Welcome to the family Alexis and Alissa HART! We love you B, C, A, N, J, A!

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justabunchaHarts said...

We are still floating on cloud 9!!! Look at and take a look at the pictures that Tanna took of the big day. She is the same one that took our family pictures...
password is our last name :)