Monday, March 16, 2009


When did my babies get so big? It truly is amazing how fast time can go by! It has almost been a week since Camryn's crib came down and she moved to her 'big girl' toddler bed! It was bittersweet to see the crib go into storage in our garage--knowing that we don't have a baby anymore and also for the containment factor! She has done decently well about staying in her bed. The first 2 nights were a little hard because of the newness to her and novelty of her new found freedom. If we can just get her to stay still for a couple of minutes, she crashes out without any problems!

We also decided that since Cams was getting a new bed that it was time to make a change for Zoey as well. She was sleeping on my old childhood bed, an antique wrought iron ensamble. Once she moved from the toddler bed we never put the head and foot boards on this bed bed because it makes it pretty high. And Zoey is our wild sleeper... So we decided to make her big girl bed into a true BIG bed. We painted it the purple color that she picked out and she is thrilled with it.

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Zoƫ said...

That little bed is so cute! I'm so glad I found your blog :)