Monday, December 28, 2009

Last Soccer Game

Mid November was Zoey's last soccer game of the season--and it's quite possibly her last soccer game. The kids and families of the Badgers' soccer team have been wonderful, most of the kids on the team (as well as Z) started when they had just turned 4 years old. It's been fun seeing each of them grow over the past three seasons. Zoey, however, has decided that it's time to move on and try different things. Up next, we'll be giving ballet a try! I'm going to miss those fun little games and getting to know all the different families at the soccer practices. Camryn will be able to play in the Spring of 2011 (wow, that was weird to type...) so we'll see if that's what she's like to do. Thanks Badgers for three fun and memorable seasons!

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