Monday, October 5, 2009

Maize Maze

Not long ago in Hartland we spent an afternoon at our local corn maze! A family farm grows a VERY large field of corn and in conjunction with our local university, the surveying department cuts a maze design through the field. This year the design was a honey bee with honey comb. Fun! They also have many different activities and educational booths set up so kids can learn about agriculture in our area. The girls had a blast (not to mention dad and mom...)

The farm also had tractor rides through pumpkin fields they had planted--they grew some monsters! Here you could guess the weight of these 5 pumpkins and if the weight we entered is correct then we win that pumpkin for Halloween! I don't think Zoey's guess of 7 pounds was right, but we'll see...

Out in one of the acres and acres of pumpkin patches--Camryn finds one just her size! She brought it home and named it Spooky. Spooky eats, sleeps and even takes baths with Cams. Hope it lasts until Halloween!

We had such a great day there!

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Melissa said...

LOVE that last shot of your girls on the tractor! SO stinkin' cute! And, it makes me sick that you can manage to look THAT GREAT in orange. ;) You are beautiful!

Sounds like an awesome day! We're looking forward to taking our kiddos out there soon!