Saturday, September 26, 2009

A little bit late.

As usual, our busy days here in Hartland have left me falling behind on my little blog. I was also a little down on myself about the blog, but after a bit of positive feedback from a loved one I've decided to have another go-round to keep you all updated in our lives. Thank you to my readers!
We have had a great summer--God has showered his blessings on us in so many ways! And now Fall is officially here, the changing of the seasons from Summer into Fall if my favorite time of year (especially since our horrid mosquitoes have almost disappeared!) Only the Catalpa tree in our front yard is beginning to turn golden, but soon our Pecans and the orchards surrounding us will start to put on an Autumn show! The days have been warm and sunny but in the mornings and evenings things cool down to sweater weather!
I was a bit disappointed in our overall garden harvest this year, so a few days ago I decided it was time to clean out and start some Fall veggies. It's always a little sad to see the garden go, but now I have a fresh, clean canvas for the lettuce (Black Krim, Red Romaine and Butternut Crunch varieties), carrots (Thumbelina), and beets (Red Detroit) that the girls and I planted. The carrots and beets I know that we can winter-over, but I'm hoping to get a nice crop of lettuce going before a good freeze hits! Guess it will be time to make some home-made garden bed covers!

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